Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Cast of Characters....

.....Danny and I, our friends Mick and Susanna who live near us, Susanna's son, Dougal and his Algerian wife Manelle who are newlyweds.  Also joining us was Micky who is a Brummie (from Birmingham, England) but has lived in France for about 35 years.  His wife was unfortunately unable to join us.

Agadir is not at all what I imagined when I read the description and reviews by previous tourists prior to our trip.  It was described by some as a large city with no redeeming qualities which is primarily for European tourists.  Yes, it is primarily for tourists, but is not tacky or tasteless.  It's not the real Morocco as it's designed mainly for Europeans, but is a pleasant place to stay.  Most of the hotels and homes are very attractive with an appealing architecture.  The long promenade along the beach front is well-designed.  It is mainly hotels and restaurants along the promenade and almost all are pleasing to the eye.  There are no tacky souvenir shops and the only chain restaurants I noticed were a McDonalds and a Pizza Hut.  Currently there is a lot of construction in progress - new hotels, new houses, new restaurants.

Our accommodation was a very large 5 bedroom villa in a nice area which wasn't too far from the beach.  However, taxis were easy to find and quite cheap and we always took one coming back in the evenings or for grocery shopping.  There were 7 of us occupying the house and there was more than enough room for everyone.

Villa we rented

The beach is very long and wide with many private areas for hotel guests, but there were plenty of public access areas as well.  The promenade runs along the length of the beach and we walked the entire length many times, and this became my exercise for the 10 days.  We felt very safe, even walking in the evenings.  The promenade has security police which are not obvious unless you are looking.  All beachfront hotels have security.

There were NO mosquitoes!!!

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