Sunday, March 4, 2012

This and that

One day 4 of us had a 2 hour massage and the price was only 30 euros each.  

I found the hooded robes that some of the men wore to be an interesting and mysterious sight. 

The language we heard spoken most often was French, but we also heard Arabic or Berber.  Fortunately, 3 people in our group were fluent French speakers and one was fluent in Arabic.  I occasionally work on learning French with my Rosetta Stone programme and I now feel inspired to work on it more consistently.  I enjoyed using what few French phrases and words that I remembered.  Danny and I (and maybe others) plan to return to Agadir in the future and I'd like to be able to speak much more French by then and not be dependant on an interpreter.

On Sunday we paid 400 dirhams each (about 40 euros) to spend 7 hours at Club Med.  This included all the food and drinks we wanted and access to the pool and private beach.  While sitting on the beach we noticed 3 women sunbathing topless.  This is not common in Morocco (a Muslim country) but seems to be allowed if it is discreet.

For sale in many shops are rugs, traditional clothing, pottery, and handmade multi-coloured shoes with pointed toes, something my big feet could never wear. 

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