Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food & drink

I highly recommend Le Nil Bleu for meals!  Reviews including one by me

Traditional food is a tagine (clay pot for slow cooking) with various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, potatoes, couscous in a very tasty sauce made from Moroccan spices. 

Entertainment at many of the beachside restaurants with traditional music, pop music, whirling dervishes which can make you feel dizzy if you watch too long, especially after a few glasses of wine. 

Moroccan beer and wine was quite good, and there was a red wine I became very fond of.  

When we stopped at cafes for refreshment - usually beer, wine, coffee or Moroccan mint tea - we were usually served a bowl of green olives, and sometimes a plate of cucumber, peppers, cheeses.  I loved the Moroccan mint tea which has pieces of mint floating in your cup.  It's usually sweetened. 

One evening I had a fabulous dish at Palais de roses Moroccan restaurant - pastilla de poulet amonde (chicken almond pastilla) - a pastry filled with chicken and almonds and the pastry is topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

I found the Moroccans friendly and the service impeccable. 

On one afternoon we went to the large souk to shop.  It was very large with the most beautiful displays of vegetables and fruits and spices and at very cheap prices.

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