Saturday, March 3, 2012


In Morocco the currency used is the dirham (MAD).  Currently the exchange rate is:
1 US dollar - 8.26 MAD
1 GBP - 13.07 MAD
1 Euro - 10.89

The price of our villa was 1300 Euros for 10 days.  The prices of meals and drinks varies widely.  It can cost 80 MAD for a tagine (slow cooked meat and veg meal) or 120 MAD.  A beer can cost 35 MAD, a bottle of wine 180 MAD.  Beachfront outdoor restaurants and cafes are more expensive because they have the view and the atmosphere and often have entertainment.  Even though only one of us had the Euro as our normal currency, we all estimated value by quickly converting 100 dirhams as 10 euros, etc.

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