Monday, March 5, 2012


Even though it was  the rainy season we had sunshine the entire visit.  Temps were pleasant - 70'sF/20'sC.  The beach becomes very breezy at certain times of day which could be very chilly.  We usually brought jackets with us.  In the evening it can get quite cold so going out to dinner at one of the many outdoor restaurants requires trousers and a jacket or sweater.

The sky was always clear so sunsets were fabulous.  Due to the humidity the sky turns an ususual shade of green just after sunset and remains that way for quite a while.  On two evenings we witnessed incredible sunsets and this strange luminous green in the sky.  However, I didn't bring my camera on either night.  On one of our last nights I brought the camera in hopes of capturing this.  The sunset wasn't as spectacular as there was a haze low down in the sky.  The sky did not turn green.  

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